Theresa Mae Ibañez

Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a beautiful princess named Theresa. (Hehe… just kidding!)

Actually this is my real story…

A baby girl named Theresa Mae Tahum Ibañez (that’s me!)was born at exactly

this is me when i’m still 7 months old

3:15 in the morning on May 9, 1994 at Cotabato Regional Hospital, Cotabato City she is the 1st daughter of Emelita Ibañez and Danilo Ibañez, the couple were very happy for God gave them a very beautiful child who weighed 3100 grams. Theresa have a sister and her name is Bea Camille Ibañez she is just a year younger to Theresa.

After four beautiful years of my life I was enrolled at Cotabato Sacred Heart Learning Center (CSHLC) when I was 5. I was enrolled for kindergarten 2 (I never had a chance enrolling for kindergarten 1… it only means that I accelerated! Hehehe)

I spent my elementary days at that particular school… I will never forget that chapter of my life.

“High school life was one of the most amazing parts of a person’s life.” (I really do believe this.)

Another chapter of my life was opened when I enrolled at Notre Dame Village National High School (NDVNHS). My first two years at NDVNHS was not really that interesting until 3rd year where I met my friends (real friends) these are Caselyn, Jahara, Nellin and Ivory. When we reach 4th year I met Joyce and Denmark and the group d’gRoOLz (it is the combination for d’ great and cools) were created… (I really miss them actuallyL).

me as a college student

One of the most exciting part of my life is my college life or let me say my present life. I consider it exciting because I am facing the presents that God gave me and that present is the challenges that I face today that I know will surely help me shape myself into a good person and i also found new friends…

Ferlyn, Apple, Shiela, Jonah, Saab, Alaesa and many more… love you guys!

that’s all thank you!


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