Shan Ellyne S. Berganio

Hi! I’m Shan Ellyne Supena Berganio, 18 years old and currently stdying a t Notre Dame University Cotabato City. This website making is one of our requirements given by our teacher, Prof. Charlito “JUN” K. Cortel, in order to pass the Educational Technology II.  The class was divided into small groups and each group has assigned task, that is to make lesson plans and activities for specific year level and subject. Our team was assigned to make LPs for Filipino 2nd year. Together with my team, we collaborated and came up with this website courtesy of Shiela Duran. My task was to discuss The TEXTONG INFRMATIV and make a lesson plan for it. So, please check out the different LPs that we’ve prepared. This website will not only fulfill the requirements to be passed but this will also help those who intend to make LPs regarding our topic. This will serve as guide, please take note that  the ideas in this page, Textong informativ, came from different websites also. please check out the reference  page.

May you learn something from this and ENJOY!



MOore Power!


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