Arlyn Apple B. Elihay

December 16, 1994. :D

Singing of Christmas songs were heard on that day. Happy children were visiting one home then another. :) It is the first day of the “caroling”. Then, a cry of a baby girl was heard. That’s me!! haha.  Amazing. (etchos!)
so much for the introduction. :p

hello there! Good day! My name is Arlyn Apple Elihay a 3rd year student of Notre Dame University, Cotabato City, taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education.

I love yellow. 🙂  I love the sun. 🙂  I love ripe mango. 🙂  I love Tweety bird. Oh my. Did I mention I love yellow? 🙂

One of our major subject is the EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY II . Under this major subject, we are enhancing our skills in using the modern tools of education- computer, internet etc. This  WordPress site is one of the product of our learning. We, the whole class of EdTech II, 5:30-7:00pm TTh, wants  to share our knowledge and ideas and the things we have learned in our subject.

As you can see, this website has different lesson plans about Filipino II.  Our team has decided to discuss and formulate different lesson plans and activities about TEXTO. Please check out the tabs for more information.



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